Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the checklists?

You can export checklists comfortably to PDF by pressing the "View PDF" button. You can print out the PDF document, and cut it to size to fit your needs. In the future, we may offer mobile device appliations or deliver waterproof, custom sized checklists.

How can I change the format?

On the Edit Checklist page you can chose between a number of predefined formats and sizes.

Can I publish ANY checklist?

No. All public checklists on this site need to support endeavors in complex, high risk, or time critical environments. You may use your private checklists for any purpose you want without restrictions, but we reserve the right to remove public checklist that do not fit our criteria.

How do I delete a public checklist?

Please send us an email with the URL of the checklist you would like deleted and we'll be happy to remove it for you!

How can I work on a checklist with my colleagues?

Create an initial checklist, then press the “Share” button. You will receive a link you can send to everybody you want to work with. The checklist will be visible and editable only by the people you have invited.

When I publish a checklist, do I loose my copy right?

Yes, when you publish a checklist, every user is free to modify and use the checklist as they please. The public content on this site is subject to the free content license as described in

Can I use public checklists for my private purpose?

Yes, you are free to use all public checklists on this site without restrictions. However, with the use of any checklist you agree to the Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions of Expert Checklists.